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Shadow Hearts: From the New World 
Written by Joanna "leonia19" Gray
Started: March 11, 2006
Last updated: May 10, 2007
Version 1.14
"I lost my memory that day, along with my family. When I woke up in the hospital, the doctors told me that we'd been involved in an accident. My father and sister died, trapped in a blaze of burning crimson. If I try and remember anything else, it's terrifying." --Johnny Garland Prologue: The year is 1929. In New York City, a suspicious man hires Johnny Garland, a private detective who lost his father, sister, and memories in a car accident a few years ago, to capture an escaped convict on the lam. When Johnny finds the suspect, a Window opens and a monster appears, devouring the man right in front of Johnny's eyes. The monster turns its focus on Johnny, but a bird-like, yet human, spirit crashes through the skylights, saving Johnny from certain death. And thus the story begins... +------------------------------+ |NEW YORK CITY: UPPER WEST SIDE| [NYC] +------------------------------+ "Welcome to Garland's Detective Agency! I'm the boss, Johnny Garland." --Johnny Watch the opening cutscenes. When you're done, o---ITEM LIST----------------o you'll have control over Johnny. | | | Mana Leaf............_____ | Turn around and head back to Johnny's office. | Mana Leaf............_____ | Open the chest near the armchair for a Thera | Pure Leaf............_____ | Leaf. Further in, there's a chest sandwiched | Talisman of Luck....._____ | between a desk and the glass wall, it's hard | Thera Leaf..........._____ | to miss. There's a Mana Leaf inside. Head up | | the stairs and check out the guitar for a Pure o----------------------------o Leaf. Examine Johnny's bed and you'll have the option of whether to rest and recover or not. Leave the place. Back where you started, there's a Save Point and a vase. Examine the vase for a Talisman of Luck, and save your game. Head right and down the stairs. Johnny will go into more detail over the argument he and Lenny had earlier. Once Johnny's done talking, check out the car in front of the agency for a Mana Leaf. Run left and talk to the kid near the building; his name is Cheeky Joshua. He'll give some information to Johnny about Times Square. Once Johnny and Joshua are done talking, run left, around the corner. You'll be taken to the World Map, and Times Square will be highlighted. Go there. +------------+ |TIMES SQUARE| +------------+ In Times Square, head up the street until o---ITEM LIST--------------------o you see a sign that reads "Business Hour | | TIMES". Check behind it for a Thera Leaf. | Cancer Stellar Chart....._____ | Continue heading north until a cutscene | Point Card..............._____ | takes over. Gerard Magimel (from Shadow | Tent....................._____ | Hearts: Covenant) and Buigen will arrive | Thera Leaf..............._____ | and chat with/creep out Johnny. You'll get | | a Point Card and a Cancer Stellar Chart, o--------------------------------o which comes with Hail Dust and Earth Edge equipped on it. The Point Card lets Johnny buy items from Gerard at a discount as well as sell things at a higher markup. The Stellar Chart will let Johnny utilize any magic placed on the Chart. Once you're done with Gerard and Buigen, talk to a man wearing a plaid jacket and brown pants, Strolling Hassel, walking the corner around the Gepetto and Cornelia building. Hassel will point Johnny towards an old theater in Chelsea. Open the chest near the G & C building to get a Tent. Head north to be taken back to the World Map. Chelsea will be highlighted, so go there. +-------+ |CHELSEA| +-------+ In Chelsea, run forward and around the front of o---ITEM LIST------------o the car. There's an extremely well-hidden chest | | that contains a Coral Lariat. (A word of warning | Coral Lariat....._____ | for those who played Shadow Hearts: Covenant and | | were used to seeing the description say "Reduces o------------------------o ring speed by 25%" -- the Coral Lariat is described as "Reduces ring speed TO 75%", which means the ring speed is still reduced by 25%. Many thanks to Repic for catching this error.) Head north and talk to the man in the blue shirt and hat, McCoy the Reporter, staring at the Erick Theater. He'll mention about a ghost and getting mugged by thieves in the theater, and once the conversation is over, Johnny will automatically be in front of the theater. There's a nearby Save Point as well. Move forward to see a "?" thought bubble appear over Johnny's head. Examine the front door to enter. +----------------------+ |CHELSEA: ERICK THEATER| +----------------------+ Once inside the theater, if you ever feel o---ITEM LIST--------------o lost, press R1 to bring up the Navigation | | Map. | Aqua Edge Stellar....___ | | Cure Stellar.........___ | Head right, and before you go through the | Leather Belt.........___ | doorway, head south to find a Mana Leaf. Head | Mana Leaf............___ | north through the doorway to be ambushed by | Pure Leaf............___ | two thugs. If you're new to the Shadow Hearts | Seal of Luck.........___ | series, it wouldn't hurt to watch the | Talisman of Luck.....___ | tutorial. If you're already familiar, skip | Thera Leaf...........___ | it. Defeat the thugs either with magic or | Thera Leaf...........___ | physical attacks. | | o--------------------------o As soon as the battle is over, head left and up the stairs. o---ENEMIES------------o | | NOTE: If you haven't already noticed, Johnny does | No. 001 Thug | not have much Sanity. Don't spend too long | LIMITED | in these battles or he'll lose out on the | Basic Beastology | EXP if he goes Berserk. | Basic Beastology II | | App Beast Med IV | YOU KIDDING ME?: If Johnny gets defeated in | 1x Snap | battle, it's not a game over. See what | 1 Mackerel Coin | happens and who shows up to rescue Johnny. | | This only works if this is your first game | No. 002 Fat Thug | (ie. not a New Game+) and only at this | LIMITED | theater. | Basic Beastology | | Basic BeastologyII | Johnny will notice a little girl, Cowardly Nancy, | 1x Snap | by herself. She'll request Johnny to find her | 1 Mackerel Coin | brother. Once the conversation's over, head right | | to be confronted by another thug. | No. 003 Deep One | | BOSS | Back into battle, there'll be a tutorial on the | | Stock Gauge and Double. You can choose to view o----------------------o the tutorial or skip it. Defeat the thugs however you want to. Once the battle's over, Johnny will notice something on the floor and pick up a Cure Stellar. You'll get an option on whether or not to view the Stellar Magic and Stellar Chart tutorial. Your choice, but manipulating the nodes on the Stellar Chart isn't as hard as it looks. Place the Cure Stellar on Johnny's chart. Instead of heading up the stairs, head right, and take the first left, going north. Examine the chest to pick up a Thera Leaf, then head through the double doors. There's a thug guarding a chest, defeat him. Examine the chest to find a Leather Belt. Leave. Back in the hallway, head down, and right. Go through the first doorway you see on Johnny's left. Head right to find a second thug guarding a chest; defeat the enemies. Examine the chest to pick up an Aqua Edge stellar. Leave. Back in the hallway, head all the way right (ignoring the corridor), and left, down the stairs. A thug will ambush Johnny. Defeat him, and head down the stairs to examine the area where the thug was standing earlier. You'll find a Seal of Luck. Head back up, and go all the way left, back to the other staircase. Head up the stairs. In the first left there's a thug and a Save Point, but you must defeat the thug if you want access. Once the thug's gone, save your game if you wish. Ignore the door left of the Save Point, Johnny will comment that the door won't open and that it's probably locked. Head back out to the main hallway, and go right. Enter the double doors in the middle. Head right to find a chest, it contains a Tent. Leave and go back to the main hallway. Head all the way right, ignoring the second left corridor. There's a chest at the end of the hallway containing a Thera Leaf. Go back to the second corridor to be confronted by another thug, guarding the double doors. Defeat him, and enter the door on the left side. Inside, before you head down the stairs, go left. There's a Pure Leaf hidden in the corner. Once you have it, head down the stairs to find a little boy wearing a straw hat, Actually-Scared Tom. Johnny and Tom will chat about a scary man near the fire escape for a bit before they get ambushed by more thugs. Defeat them, and return to Nancy. Tom will mention about the fire escape, and how the door's mechanism works. The two kids will run off, leaving Johnny alone. Head back up the stairs, and take the first left, where the locked door is. Save your game, and check out the door. Outside, head left and up the fire escape. Head right and open the door. The suspect, Marlow Brown, seems to recognize and know something about Johnny, but before Marlow can explain things, a monster comes out of a green portal and devours Marlow right before Johnny's eyes. BOSS: Deep One Class: Water HP: 160 MP: 82 KCal: 3 EXP: 50 Cash: 1000 Soul: 0 Drop: None Bonuses: None Strategy: Instead of Johnny, this time you'll be controlling Shania, in her Thunderbird fusion. The boss is relatively easy--start off with a Hard-Hit attack. After that, regular attacks and Dusk Proud should suffice unless you somehow screwed up on the Judgment Ring. NEW GAME+ NOTE: This is still a relatively easy boss fight on NG+, but the only difference is that Shania starts off with no Stock, which means no Hard-Hits to take away the boss's stock. However, the boss's Double doesn't do that much damage. After the boss battle, Johnny faints. +--------+ |BROOKLYN| +--------+ Just a cutscene introducing the game's antagonists, Killer and Lady. +---------------+ |UPPER WEST SIDE| +---------------+ Johnny will wake up at his office, and after o---ITEM LIST----------------o some explanation and background information on | | the activities at the theater last night, | Gale Rod Stellar....._____ | everyone figures out how to tell Professor | | Gilbert what happened to Marlow. At this | NEW GAME+ | point, Shania and Natan will join the party. | Third Key............_____ | Leave the agency. | | o----------------------------o FOR THE CLUELESS: The stills that show the released Malice are from Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The person who released it was Cardinal Nicholai Conrad, who was a (brief) playable character. Outside, a scrungy looking character, Giraffe, will approach Johnny and hand him a Lottery Ticket. LOTTERY MEMBER NO. 12 Ring Type: Normal Prizes: Red -- Gale Rod/Third Key (New Game+) Yellow -- Leather Cap Blue -- Daphne Fruit Green -- Pure Leaf White -- Tissues Play the Lottery Game (make sure you get the Gale Rod Stellar!), and leave the Upper West Side. At the World Map, Arkham University will highlighted, but before we go there, select New York City, and pick Chelsea. +-------+ |CHELSEA| +-------+ Back in Chelsea, head to the theater and go o---ITEM LIST-----------------o back to where the boss fight took place. | | Examine the area if you like, Johnny will | Heat Edge Stellar....._____ | comment about how dirty the floor is, and how | | the Window appeared in Marlow's place. He'll o-----------------------------o also comment about the quality of the gramophone playing Mozart's "Oh smania! oh furie! ~ D'Oreste e d'Aiace." But that's not the point. There's a chest near where the Window opened, and it contains a Heat Edge Stellar. Once you have the Stellar in stock, leave New York City, and head to Arkham University. ******************** +-----------------+ |ARKHAM UNIVERSITY| [ARK] +-----------------+ "Oh yeah, right. They were beating you to a pulp, you know!" --Johnny At Arkham, run forward until a cutscene takes o---ITEM LIST----------------o place. The Gentleman in the Suit will ask | | Johnny some questions about Professor Gilbert, | Cure Stellar........._____ | then leave. | Lantern.............._____ | | Mirage Stellar......._____ | When the cutscene's over, run up and examine | Pedometer............_____ | the obelisk in the center to find a Talisman | Pure Leaf............_____ | of Luck. Head right and up the stairs to the | Seal of Life........._____ | University. There's a chest sitting between | Soul Benediction....._____ | the pillars, it contains a Pure Leaf. Head | Talisman of Luck....._____ | inside. | Tent................._____ | | Thera Leaf..........._____ | Inside, pick the left door to go into the | | library. There's a Cure Stellar waiting to be o----------------------------o picked up in the recessed bookcase. Leave. Back in the main hall, head for the right hand door to the chemistry lab. Examine the upper right shelf to find a Thera Leaf. Leave. Once again in the main hall, head up the stairs. Take the left hand door to find class in session. Behind the last row of seats is a treasure chest, open it and take the Tent inside. Run to the front of class and examine the southwest corner to find a Seal of Life. Talk to the front row student wearing an orange vest, Curious Harris, and he'll mention that Professor Gilbert's sealed-off research room is nearby, but the door seems to be broken because no one can get in. Leave the University building and head back outside. Outside, run left, all the way left. In the next screen, continue running left. There's a hidden chest near the light post, open it and you'll be rewarded a Mirage Stellar. Examine the door nearby, Johnny will try to open it and then comments that it's locked. Shania will suggest that maybe someone knows how to get to Gilbert's lab. Head back inside the University building. Inside, head up the stairs, and this time, enter the right hand side classroom. Head to the front of class to find a single person, Knowledgeable Jefferson, near the desk. Talking to him will reveal how to get there: taking the underground path near the sports field. Jefferson will also mention that the underground path has no light and that there's a lantern in the chemistry lab. Check out the space beneath the desk to find a Soul Benediction. Leave for the chemistry lab and take the Lantern. Leave the building, and head right. As Johnny leaves, Gerard and Buigen will show up again. They forgot to explain to Johnny that Buigen can alter Stellar Charts, from changing the attributes of the nodes to reducing MP usage. You'll get a option on whether to see the Stellar Chart Realignment tutorial. Your choice if you want to view it. Once that's all been said and done, Gerard and Buigen will be available for Johnny's shopping needs. There's also a nearby Save Point. Head right. Foley the P.E. Teacher will try and enlist Johnny in the Arkham Pedometer Regiment of the U.S. Walking Warriors Brigade. It's quite a mouthful, and try as he might, Johnny just can't get away from this guy. Foley will give Johnny a Pedometer for his troubles. Equip it on someone if you like. Once Foley and Johnny are done talking, head right, and examine the door that reads "Caution." +-------------------+ |ARKHAM U: UNDERPATH| +-------------------+ Johnny will light the lantern and you'll be o---ITEM LIST-------------------o on your way. There's a Save Point nearby if | | you need to use it. | Bright Rage Stellar....._____ | | Dark Edge Stellar......._____ | Run forward and left. Continue running left | Leather Cap............._____ | to be attacked by random enemies. At the | Mana Leaf..............._____ | beginning of battle, a tutorial on combos | Shell Bracelet.........._____ | will appear. Your choice. Defeat the | Soul Benediction........_____ | monsters, and when the battle's over, | | Johnny and Shania will wonder what's with o-------------------------------o monsters appearing in Arkham University. o---ENEMIES----------------o Keep running left, and head downstairs. Continue | | onwards, and head left until you see a door. Enter. | No. 004 Sergei | | Basic Beastology | Johnny will try and open the middle door, but | 4x Snap | it's locked. Shania suggests looking for the key | 1 Mackerel Coin | around the area. | | | No. 005 Gagu | Head left to find a normal door and leave. | Basic Beastology | | 4x Snap | Run left, and go up. The path will be blocked by | 1 Mackerel Coin | a barricade, so examine the nearby lever. Johnny | | will comment about it and flip the lever, | No. 006 Ignorak | lowering the barricade. Continue forward and go | BOSS | left to find several monsters behind bars. | Basic Beastology III | Johnny and Shania will talk a bit about the | 1x Snap | monsters before Johnny flips a nearby lever, | 1 Mackerel Coin | thinking it'll lower a nearby barricade. | | Instead, it releases the caged monsters. Defeat o--------------------------o them. Once the battle's over, head down. Flip the lever to release some monsters, defeat them. Head left to find a chest, open it to find a Mana Leaf. Flip the nearby lever to lower the barricade. Go left. Go down, and at the intersection, go left. Go up when you have a chance, and flip the lever. Defeat the monsters that swarm towards Johnny. Once the monsters are gone, examine the chest nearby to pick up a Shell Bracelet. Head down and right. At the intersection, go up, all the way up. At the next intersection, go right and flip the lever, lowering the barricade and creating a shortcut. Turn around and head left. There's a lever near some caged monsters, flip it. Defeat the monsters and examine the chest to pick up a Bright Rage Stellar. There's a Save Point right before the door. Open the door to trigger a scene that shows the Gentleman in the Suit releasing some caged monsters. Johnny and company will show up to find the monsters beating someone up before the monsters turn on them, going into battle. Defeat them. Once the monsters are gone, the Gentleman will be amazed at everyone being able to defeat the monsters while he was "hiding." Johnny isn't too impressed by the man and demands what the Gentleman is talking about. The Gentleman narrates his story about how he came to be, which makes absolutely no sense to Johnny. Afterwards, the Gentleman will introduce himself as Frank. Johnny will mention they need a key to unlock the door leading to Gilbert's lab, and Frank knows just where it is. Johnny will automatically be back in the underpath, with Frank as a playable character. Turn around and go back into the room where Frank introduced himself. To the right of the door is a chest that holds a Soul Benediction. Leave. Head down, right, continue right through the shortcut, and go down. Go right to open the door and Frank will reveal his method of unlocking the door. Examine the door to enter. Head up the stairs. Turn left, run up the stairs. Check out the drums to pick up a Dark Edge Stellar. Go north, up the stairs to find a Save Point. Head left and up the stairs to enter a storage area cluttered with junk. Examine the chest under the table to find a Leather Cap, and head through the left door. The crew finds Professor Gilbert studying a book at a table and confront him on what exactly is going on and why would the University have monsters on campus. Gilbert admits he got a little carried away by his research and asks about the case he hired Johnny for. Johnny admits Marlow got eaten by a monster and demands Gilbert if he was involved. Gilbert denies being involved in Marlow's death, but before Johnny can truly get to the bottom of things, Gilbert opens a Window and a monster appears, but quickly gets killed. Gilbert takes the opportunity to escape as another monster appears from the window. BOSS: Ignorak Class: Dark HP: 500 MP: 125 KCal: -3 EXP: 80 Cash: 1500 Soul: 30 Drop: Seal of Aura Bonuses: +24 EXP (Combo Magic Defeat) +300 Cash (Perfect Ring Rate 100%) Tent (Enemy No. Action: 4 turns) Lottery Ticket (Enemy No. Action: 0 turns) Schofield II (Max No. of Chained Hits: 25-46 hits) Strategy: This boss battle is much different, and much harder than the one fought in New York. Aside from powerful physical attacks (including double attacks), the boss has an attack that can leave somebody Poisoned, or Deadly Poisoned. Have Shania fuse into Thunderbird to take advantage of double-attacks, provided she has enough Stock to do so. Frank can just simply attack the boss if he has no Stock to double attack. Have Natan double-attack as well if he has enough Stock, Slug Shell/physical attacks work great. Johnny can either attack/double-attack, or heal any lost HP/MP/SP. To prevent the boss from double-attacking anyone, have someone Hard Hit the boss every now and then, either singularly or through double attacks (again, if they have enough Stock). After the battle, you'll be taken back to the World Map, with the Upper West Side being the only option availabe to you. You might as well go there. +---------------+ |UPPER WEST SIDE| +---------------+ Back at the Detective Agency, the crew learns o---ITEM LIST-------------o that Gilbert has vanished into thin air and | | worse, that "Gilbert" was an alias of the | Ring Fragment....._____ | Professor. Frank suggests that his Master might | | have some info on Gilbert's whereabouts, but o-------------------------o Frank doesn't know the whereabouts of his Master. Shania suggests heading out to the Grand Canyon and pick up something. Once everyone's done talking, leave the agency. Outside, Cheeky Joshua will run up to Johnny, blabbering about a ghost. Johnny brushes the kid away, only to have Joshua stop him and hand over a Ring Fragment. Once the two are done talking, head left and around the corner. Approach the dumpster to find the Ring Spirit. Johnny and the Ring Spirit will chat for a little bit, then the Ring Spirit will give Johnny an Attack Boost in exchange for the Ring Fragment as well as an explanation on how to customize the Judgment Ring. (Your choice if you want to see it or not.) Afterwards, leave New York City. The Grand Canyon will be added to the list. But before that, let's go back to school. +-----------------+ |ARKHAM UNIVERSITY| +-----------------+ Go to Professor Gilbert's office, and examine o---ITEM LIST--------------o his desk. You'll find a Lottery Ticket. | | | Lottery Ticket....._____ | After that, head to the Grand Canyon. | | o--------------------------o ******************** +------------+ |GRAND CANYON| [GRC] +------------+ "It was just a short walk." "You call that a short walk?" --Shania and Johnny Makes you wonder if they actually walked from o---ITEM LIST----------------o New York to the Grand Canyon... | | | Barrier Stellar......_____ | Anyway, at the beginning Shania will explain | Cactus Saber........._____ | to Johnny what she's planning to do at the | Eagle Statue........._____ | Grand Canyon. Once their conversation is over, | Fly Paper............_____ | run right, but don't go down the path yet. | Gada Pot............._____ | Check the brush to find an Sp-Defend Down 1. | Gold Ore............._____ | Head down the path. | Grapefruit..........._____ | | Hare................._____ | Continue down the path to the Gada Village. | Hit Area Expand......_____ | There's a Save Point near the first tepee you | Honey................_____ | come across, and a chest containing a Phoenix | Maiden's Hair........_____ | Tail is close to the Save Point. Head inside | Morpho Scales........_____ | the tepee near the Save Point, and examine the | Phoenix Tail........._____ | pots on the left for a Silver Bracelet. | Pocket Watch........._____ | | Pure Leaf............_____ | Gerard and Buigen are also hanging out at the | Raise Up Stellar....._____ | Grand Canyon, and Gerard has new items in | Red Nova Stellar....._____ | stock (mainly new weapons and accessories). | Ring Fragment........_____ | Before you do anything, check out the cactus | Shield Stellar......._____ | across from Gerard. Frank will comment about | Silver Bracelet......_____ | the cactus, and you'll obtain a new weapon for | Soul Benediction....._____ | Frank (Cactus Saber). | Sp-Defend Down 1....._____ | | Talisman of Luck....._____ | Head right, in front of Gerard and Buigen, and | Third Key............_____ | examine the (well-hidden) chest for a Hit Area | | Expand. | NEW GAME+ | | Thera Extract........_____ | Head down, go right, and enter the tepee. Talk | | to Nvwoti to activate Natan's side quest (UMA o----------------------------o hunting). Each time Natan captures a UMA and brings it back to the Gada Village, Nvwoti will o---ENEMIES----------------o either teach Natan new GUN-FU skills or power up | | existing ones. You'll receive the Gada Pot, | No. 007 Tonakh | Honey, Grapfruit, Hare, Maiden's Hair, Gold Ore, | Basic Beastology III | Fly Paper, and info on the first UMA that's | 4x Snap | lurking in the Grand Canyon. | 1 Mackerel Coin | | | Head into the large, circular tepee. Examine the | No. 008 Maii | chest to obtain a Poison 1, then talk to Zonda, | Basic Beastology | the man with the feather headdress. Shania will | Basic Beastology III | talk with Zonda about the location of the Ocean | 2x Snap | and Earth Spirits. While Zonda doesn't know much | 1 Mackerel Coin | about the Ocean Spirit, the Earth Spirit, | | Tatan'ka, is located close to the Gada Village. | No. 009 Argen Tabisu | Zonda will give Shania a Raise Up Stellar, a | Basic Beastology | Barrier Stellar, and an Eagle Statue. A message | Basic Beastology III | will also pop up and ask if you want to view an | 2x Snap | explanation on Soul Charge. Your choice. | 1 Mackerel Coin | | | (If you talk to Zonda on New Game+, he will give | No. 010 Tatan'ka | Shania a Thera Extract instead.) | BOSS | | | Back in the village, save your game, and head | No. 070 Sasquatch | north. Check the brush on the right side of the | UMA | path for a Ring Fragment, and continue north | 0x Snap | | 3 Mackerel Coins | until Johnny and Shania approach two totem-like | | pillars. A voice named Dohkwibuheh will not o--------------------------o allow Shania through unless she passes a trial. Once everyone is done talking, head left and ignore the mural. Check the chest to find a Talisman of Luck. Once you've gotten that, examine the mural. A picture of two hares, two deer, a hunter, a frog, and the sun over the hunter is painted on the wall. Return to Dohkwibuheh and he'll ask a question. The questions change each game, I've tried to document each and every question. Question: Above the head of whom does the sun on the mural shine? Answer: The hunter Question: Assume the hunter catches his prey and procures two horns. How many animals remain? Answer: Four Question: How many animals does the hunter in the mural seek? Answer: Three Giving an incorrect answer will warp the party to the beginning. Once you've given the correct answer, continue through. Examine the chest lying on the side of the road for a Pure Leaf. Continue onwards, Johnny and Natan will talk a bit about Shania and the Earth Spirits. Aftwards, continue on until Johnny and Shania approach the second set of pillars, Hisakitaimisi. Like the first set, Shania will have to pass a trial to continue on. Once everyone has finished talking, go right, and examine the mural of a sheep. Continue heading right and look at the mural of two people. Head right and examine the right side of the path to open a chest and pick up a Shield Stellar. Continue right and examine the twin murals consisting of one sheep and one person. Turn around and and go left, examining the mural of one person along the way. Continue down the path, and at the fork, go left. Examine the mural of two sheep, and open the chest for a Pocket Watch. Head all the way right and examine the mural of three people. Go back to where the second set of pillars are and answer a simple question. Question: In this valley, how many murals are there in all? Answer: Seven Question: On the murals, how many people are there in all? Answer: Seven Question: On the murals, How many sheep are there in all? Answer: Four (Special thanks to Jon Bergles for the last question.) Once you've given the correct answer, continue on. Go north to see a Save Point as well as another set of pillars. Like the first two, Shania will need to pass a trial to access Tatan'ka. Save your game, and head left. At the intersection, head north, and go left. Examine the chest to find a Red Nova Stellar. Turn around and head right to see a meat bubble thought appear over Johnny's head. Natan will make a comment about a set of large footprints. Set the trap by placing Honey to lure out the UMA. UMA: Sasquatch Class: Fire HP: 330 MP: 146 KCal: -5 EXP: 100 Cash: 265 Soul: 10 Drop: Swan Statue Bonuses: +10 EXP (Enemy Action No.: 0 Turns) +3 EXP (Enemy Action No.: 3 Turns) +133 Cash (Combo Magic Defeat) +5 Soul (Max No. of Chained Hits: 36 hits) Lottery Ticket (Perfect Ring Rate 100%) Strategy: Hard Hit to take away the Sasquatch's Stock, and just attack. This UMA's not too hard. Head south, and go left. Examine the mural to see two fishes, two birds, and one cattle. Continue going left and hug the right side until a question mark pops up, examine it to pick up a Third Key. Head south and right. Head all the way right until you see a mural and a chest, examine the mural to see two fishes, a hare, and a cattle drawn on the wall. Examine the chest to find a Soul Benediction. Return to the pillars to answer their question. Question: In the two murals, there are things flying in the air, swimming in the sea, and running on the ground. Out of those, of which were there the most? Answer: Things swimming in the sea Question: In the two murals, there are things flying in the air, swimming in the sea, and running on the ground. In those two murals, how many were running on the ground? Answer: Three Question: In the two murals, there are things flying in the air, swimming in the sea, and running on the ground. Out of those, which were only drawn on one of the murals? Answer: Things flying in the air (Special thanks to Pawel Kowalczyk for emailing me the last question, although I modified it to what the game actually asks of Johnny.) Continue ahead. Shania will contact Tatan'ka and try to make a pact with it. BOSS: Tatan'ka Class: None HP: 210 MP: 102 KCal: 3 EXP: 300 Cash: 2100 Soul: 30 Drop: Strike Expand Wolf Statue Bonuses: Hit Area Expand (Perfect Ring Rate 100%) Studded Belt (Enemy No. Action: 0-1 turn) Tent (Enemy No. Action: 5-6 turns) Strategy: Shania will be alone in this battle. Fuse into Thunderbird ASAP and Hard Hit the boss to take away its Stock. Afterwards, alternate between physical/Hard Hit and magic attacks (don't use Bar Rod unless you're doing a Double, it does no damage to Tatan'ka), and at Shania's last turn, double attack if you've got the Stock. (Special thanks to Abby Liek for the correct Perfect Ring Rate bonus.) An FMV will show Shania receiving Tatan'ka and getting a new tattoo on her body. A ninja will appear out of nowhere and whisper something into Frank's ear, then disappear. Frank then announces that he's been informed his Master is in Chicago. +--------+ |NEW YORK| +--------+ Back in Brooklyn, you'll see another cutscene between Killer and Lady. In the Upper West Side, everyone has regrouped at Johnny's agency waiting for Shania to recover from her battle with Tatan'ka. Once the conversation's over, leave the agency. Chicago will be added to the World Map. Before we go there, let's go back to the Grand Canyon. +------------+ |GRAND CANYON| +------------+ Head to Gada Village and talk to Nvwoti. For successfully catching the UMA, Natan will learn a new GUN-FU technique, Rapid Shot. Nvwoti has no UMA info to report for now. Head for Chicago now. ******************** +-------+ |CHICAGO| [CHI] +-------+ "Wait...is it me? Am I a weirdo?" --Johnny Upon arriving, Frank will mention how the o---ITEM LIST--------------------o Mafia has chased off his ninja | | subordinates, but he's sure his Master is | Hit Area Expand.........._____ | somewhere in town. | Lottery Ticket..........._____ | | Lottery Ticket..........._____ | Head south to find a Save Point. Further | P-Defend Down 1.........._____ | south is a man who is a Lottery Member. | Pisces Stellar Chart....._____ | | Phoenix Tail............._____ | Head left and talk to the man in front of | Rage Stellar............._____ | Prospect of Whitby, Bridges the Drunk. | Ring Fragment............_____ | He'll mention that the current boss in | Studded Belt............._____ | Chicago is a big, giant cat, and he swears | | he wasn't drunk when he saw it. | NEW GAME+ | | Third Key................_____ | Head left and examine the chest across | Eternal Key.............._____ | from Gerard and Buigen. You'll obtain a | | Hit Area Expand. Gerard has new items in o--------------------------------o stock, this time new armor and accessories. Head right, go up, and turn left at o---ENEMIES---------------o the intersection. Continue going left until you | | see a chest come into view, open it for a Phoenix | No. 011 Petty Mafioso | Tail. Head south, towards the car, until a second | LIMITED | chest comes into view. Open that to get a Lottery | Basic Beastology II | Ticket. | 3x Snap | | 1 Mackerel Coin | Turn around and go up the stairs leading to a | | door. You'll end up in a storage room. Examine | No. 012 Mafia Hoodlum | the barrels to find another Lottery Ticket. | LIMITED | | Basic Beastology II | Head back out, and go right. Go south, save your | 1x Snap | game, continue on south and talk to the man a few | 1 Mackerel Coin | feet away from the Save Point to play a Lottery | | Game. o-------------------------o LOTTERY MEMBER NO. 11 Ring Type: Slow Prizes: Red -- Pisces Stellar Chart/Third Key (NG+) Yellow -- Hit Area Expand Blue -- Daphne Fruit Green -- Thera Seed White -- Tissues Grab the Pisces Stellar Chart, and head south. Enter Prospect of Whitby. Go on the second right, and examine the left-hand corner for a P-Defend Down 1. Go back, and turn on the second right and talk to two men sitting in a booth. They mention Capone is in jail, paving the way for the McManus family to take over Chicago, but Capone's hired a really strong bodyguard to look after the city while he's gone. Leave the place. Go right and head north. Go left at the intersection, again. Equip your whole party with Pocket Watches, and head towards the garage door to be ambushed by several gangsters. Defeat all of them. The gangsters will realize they've made a big mistake targeting the party and allow them access to the VIP room at the Four Deuces nightclub. Head back out to the main area and save the game. Go north and try going to the nightclub. A man wearing a blue vest and hat, Masatoshi, will call Johnny over, and notices Johnny's camera is a rare Russian model, an Edgar MIV, which doesn't need film as it prints pictures out as cards. This triggers Johnny's Snap Trader side quest. NEW GAME+ NOTE -------------- If you talk to Masatoshi with a 100% Snap Card collection on New Game+, he will reward Johnny with an Eternal Key. Whether or not you've traded cards with Masatoshi, go a little north, and examine a hidden treasure chest to obtain a Ring Fragment. Head north towards the nightclub. Before going up the stairs, check out the middle table. There's a hidden chest that contains a Studded Belt. Return to the entrance of the club, and head right, up the stairs. Talk to the security guard to be allowed entry to the VIP room. Johnny finally learns who's been in charge of Chicago since Capone was sent to prison...and it's a giant, talking cat? The cat, Mao, will help out the group if they break Al Capone out of jail. Before that happens though, everyone spends the night at the nightclub, at Edna's request, and watch Ricardo perform for the audience. After the performance, everyone bids good night to each other and leave. Probably not a good idea for Edna to leave the club on her own... After the festivities, it seems several people are out looking at the nightlife of Chicago. Before leaving Mao's room, check out the chest behind the chair to receive a Rage Stellar. Leave the nightclub. Shania's already with Johnny, so no need to find her. Frank is hanging out in the storage area where you found the Lottery Ticket. Natan is standing at the intersection. Talk to them both, and go back to the nightclub. Talk to Mao to turn in for the night. +---------------+ |ALCATRAZ PRISON| +---------------+ Just a cutscene introducing Al Capone and Eliot Ness. The real Al Capone isn't quite as good looking as his video game counterpart. +-------+ |CHICAGO| +-------+ Back in Chicago, Edna learns what's in store for her brother and suffers a cruel fate by the rival gang's boss leader, McManus, as well from a mystery woman... After all that's happened, Alcatraz Prison will be added to the World Map. Head there now. GOING OFF THE BEATEN PATH (aka Distracting You From the Main Game) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Before staging the jailbreak, why not return to the detective agency at the Upper West Side and pick up a new skill for Johnny? ********************
to be continue

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